Beyond Boundaries

Pelago is a technology-enabled distribution company based in the Philippines, focused on providing quality products and services worldwide.

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Products that bring people together.

PELAGO provides a distribution infrastructure that enables your business to scale using technology, talent and experience. In the Philippines, PELAGO brings quality products to Filipinos across the Archipelago through its omni-channel network of Distributors, Key Accounts, Retail and Online Stores. 

Transform Your Business.

Enable your company to compete and scale with the ever changing needs of the global economy and trade. Whether you are just beginning your journey, midway through your transformation, or looking for that final piece of the puzzle to complete your company's evolution, Pelago is here to help you through technology, talent, and experience.

Enable your business to reach beyond boundaries.

PELAGO's  vision is to build mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with our principals and vendors. Our customers and trading partners enjoy value-added, innovative, and cost-effective services that bring business to the next level. The goal is to primarily work with a handful of superior companies that produce high quality products with strong brand equity with the consuming public. This enables  PELAGO  to focus and gain flexibility to help innovate and improve the business in this dynamic market. The partnerships  PELAGO  forges provide long term financial growth to all our business partners.

Pelago Sales & Distribution

Linking product manufacturers and service providers to consumers through our network of distributors, regional dealers, general trade, resellers and key accounts. Pelago plots the most efficient routes per industry and pipelines products to penetrate the Philippine market and across the region. 

  Product Portfolio
  Local Distribution
  Worldwide Export
  General Trade
  Key Accounts
  Community Resellers

Pelago eCommerce & Marketplaces

Reach your customers via Mobile, Web, or Traditional Retail channels to combine a complete customer profile of your market. Whether your buyers are retail consumers or businesses, PELAGO’s online marketplace provides the platform and services needed enabling you to focus on your core business of providing high quality products. Trade with your B2B or B2C partners with ease and transparency through enhancing traditional processes with a digital workflow that allow creation of new stores, form product bundles, or even mini-communities for specific types of products.


Pelago Solutions & Technology

PELAGO develops next-generation, blockchain-enabled ERP solutions focused on Supply Chain and Distribution Management Software, Ecommerce, Payment Gateway integrations, Sales and Business Process Automation, and last mile delivery and monitoring

  Multi-tenant Webstore Networks 
 Trading-As-A-Service (TaaS)
  Leads Generation & Sales Automation
  Fleet Management & Mobility Software
  Warehouse and Inventory Software
  Payment Processing and Integration